Mountain Town Magazine Issue 40

Welcoming Our 40th Issue with Great Stories about Colorado’s Best Mountain Towns. Which are they? All of them!

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Wow, Issue 40! I will now have 40 copies of Mountain Town Magazine stacked up in the office and it’s fun to look through all of them. There are so many great stories and I am proud to know that we are in the business of preserving them for future generations to look back on. 

This business started in 2011. I had three kids who really needed me at home, but as we all know, living in a mountain town is very expensive and I needed to work. Work from home was not an accepted practice then. I had a growing idea to create a publication that talked about each of our mountain towns communities, its surrounding environment and the people who dared to come and settle into its peaks and valleys.  

The recession was coming to an end and there were a ton of new unique businesses rising up out of the ashes of financial instability in each of our little towns. I was fascinated and felt we needed an authentic magazine crafted by locals to tell these stories and represent all of us living at altitude.

I started blogging at home, telling people what was happening in each of our towns as I traveled through them with my children. We were on the road for soccer games, school events and skiing competitions. Every time I left one of our little mountain hamlets I discovered I had learned new things about the region. I found a passion for sharing it with my friends and followers. Everyone wanted to know what was happening in these areas (and they still do).

A friend taught me basic magazine layout and from there I launched our first digital publication. Folks would ask me for copies. I realized print wasn’t dead and pushed forward to release our first physical publication in 2012.

Here it is 2024 and we present to you a fabulous new edition talking about biking in our mountain towns, daring entrepreneurs, great things to do, road trips and travel, incredible chefs and places to eat, stories about our environment as well as the places we call home. Everything is written by local residents and provide an insider’s perspective without ruining the surprise of discovery for you.

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IMBA professional, Joey Klein, captured our beautiful cover image featuring rider Michelle Zimmerman on the new Arapahoe Basin Ski Area Beavers Loop bike trail that Klein designed.

A lot has changed up here and yet there is still one thing that stays the same. My love for Colorado’s mountains and the communities that fill their valleys. 

Thank you for reading Mountain Town Magazine and if you have any story ideas I would love to hear them. Shoot me an email anytime.

With Love,


Holly Battista-Resignolo


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