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MTN Town Media Productions proudly produces five Colorado titles

Mountain Town Magazine . Mountain Women Magazine . Breckenridge Magazine .

Dine Local Guide – Colorado Mountain Towns .

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Beach Town Magazine .

MTN Town Media Productions is a Media Network celebrating the mountain’centric lifestyle with content-driven websites, social networks, high-end digital & luxury print publications, news, ideas, and premium multi-media creations.

Each of our luxuriously gritty magazines speaks to the mountain town enthusiast with engaging stories and compelling images that promote the spirit of living and enjoying life in Colorado’s unique mountain town communities.

Our passion is to bring attention to our business partners and help them become more successful through brand and product recognition in our high-end publications and digital mediums. 

MTN Town Media Productions is a Breckenridge family-owned business proud to create a pure Colorado product that keeps 90% of our revenue in our state’s towns and cities.

Mountain Town Magazine

Mountain Town Magazine promotes Colorado’s incredible mountain towns and the people who make these communities unique. A highly desirable place to live and visit, our magazine gives an insider’s view of what’s hot and happening around this region. Restaurant reviews and business profiles, home and real estate updates, wellness tips, people profiles, fashion trend reports, recreation, family life, and the art & culture scene are all reported on. Mountain Town Magazine, read us online or, subscribe to get your hands on the print editions. Stay in touch with Colorado’s Mountain Towns and visit our website:

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Mountain Women Magazine

Mountain Women Magazine celebrates the diverse groups of women living and loving every minute of their lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and beyond. We are a magazine for women filled with a passion for living life with a high altitude attitude. Our stories are here to Inspire, Motivate, and Inform women about how to live life elevated. We are girls, mothers, ladies, lassies, lovers, babes, and badasses. We are Mountain Women Magazine. Read online and in print. Visit our website:

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Breckenridge Magazine

A hyper-local publication and website produced by Breckenridge Locals to share all of their Breck stories! All photography, editorial, distribution, and sales are crafted and created by those who know, Breckenridge area residents. Read online and in print. Visit our website:


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Dine Local Guide: Colorado Mountain Towns

Welcome to Mountain Town Magazine’s new publication, the Dine Local Guide. We have been writing about food, Chefs, restaurants, special events and more for over 12 years and have a plethora of articles on the amazing establishments up here in our Colorado mountain towns. We decided it was time to craft an E-Zine covering everything delicious in our communities.

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Dine Local Guide: Breckenridge

The Dine Local Guide: Breckenridge gives an insider look at some of the best spots to Dine in Breckenridge, Colorado. It is a companion publication to Mountain Town Breckenridge Magazine and serves as an E-Zine for Breckenridge Visitors to utilize when visiting the Town of Breckenridge.

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Beach Town Magazine

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