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Welcome back to the mountain home of EvoSwing Golf and our weekly series! Spring is in the air and folks are getting their golf game on! Today I am here to re-introduce myself and to make sure you check in each week for tips, hints and videos designed to help golfers of all levels have more fun playing golf.

My name is Geoff Greig.  I am the PGA Director of Instruction of Instruction at the Park Hill Learning Center in Denver and the tour guide on this journey toward enjoyment, excellence and enlightenment on the links!!

The founding principle of EvoSwing Golf is to make the game of golf and the learning process as simple and easy as possible.  Only three things directly influence the movement of the golf ball and it is crucial each golfer correctly understands these keys.  Golfers do NOT need to swing the same, but each individual swing must exhibit these fundamental movements of the club.

Rapid motor learning is dependent on following a few basic concepts without which progress is slow at best.  Improvement can only come through practice but, utilizing these concepts can dramatically cut down on your learning time and reduce the dreaded frustration factor!

EvoSwing will paint you a simple picture of the what to learn and walk you through the how to learn it, so you can start playing better quickly and keep playing better!

Thanks for stopping by!  Next week we will start talking about Control!

~ Geoff

Geoff Greig, inventor and founder of EvoSwing, is a PGA Class A Teaching Professional with over twenty years teaching experience. He is also a Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Professional.  Past positions include Staff Teaching Professional at Torrey Pines Golf Course and Regional Director for the Nike Golf Learning Centers.

Geoff has an extensive background in teaching movement skills. In addition to golf, he has taught and coached soccer, Tai Chi, skiing and fitness. The principles researched and applied in each of these disciplines have contributed greatly to the simplicity and power of EvoSwing.

In addition to his multi-sport learning research background, Geoff has done extensive study of touring professionals’ swing videos and discovered key universal golf fundamentals applicable to golfers of all levels.  These key principles led Geoff to invent and patent the PGA award winning Smart Path Swing Trainer.

Geoff has also worked with thousands of students applying the principles of motor learning theory in order to create the rapid learning curves and long term retention that all golfers seek. The resulting blend of key fundamentals and proven learning concepts is the heart of EvoSwing.

Before his teaching career Geoff was an award winning Division 1 college soccer player, a collegiate ski racer, played professional soccer in theUSandEngland, played on two different golf mini tours, and joined his father as an inductee into theUniversityofVermont Athletic Hall of Fame.


  1. GG, I’m working on my transition from the backswing to the down motion, my focus is to stop the over the top with the hands, but rather keeping the butt of the club pointed down the path. When done correctly I can get the results, but I now seem to push off the target line up to 20 yards when I dont get the face square.

    • JD,
      Congrats on working on the transition…it is a challenge to change, but the rewards can be huge!
      The push you are describing happens when the club is approaching the ball from too much inside the target line. Instead of striking the back center of the ball, your club is probably contacting inside of center and sending the ball out to the right.
      This means your downswing club arc is a bit flat (too much inside out) so the club is traveling to the right of the target line for a few inches after impact. Try to focus on the club moving down the target line for 2 or 3 inches after impact and you will start striking the center of the ball and your transition will be on the money!!

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