Art Burrows – A photographer who captures the beauty of adventure and nature through his lens

Art Burrows captures spectacular moments on film and crafts art from the subjects he captures

Art Burrows is the man behind the lens that captured the spectacular cover image that graces the cover of Mountain Town Magazine’s 10-year anniversary issue and what you see currently as the background of our website. We closed out that issue with the complete photograph on our final page to pay tribute to Art Burrow’s passion for the outdoors as well as his professional endeavors as a renowned photographer. We also want you to see and experience it here. The photograph is far larger than what a magazine page can showcase.

“A skier slashes a highly consequential line in front of the massive edifice of 14,025’ Pyramid Peak.” ~ Art Burrows, Photographer

When we discussed this vision captured (above) at the perfect moment Art noted, “If you look closely in the upper middle left of the image, you’ll see the skier shredding above the rock bands in Tonar. This is one of the best images I’ve ever taken.”

Art Burrows Photography photographs the adventure, personal challenges, and excitement of the moment the subjects display in front of his lens. Burrows co-authored alongside Chris Davenport, and Penn Newhard the iconic large-format book and visual reference “Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America” produced in 2010. Many of his works have been recognized and awarded, and he too is an athlete with remarkable skills, but that story will have to wait another day to be published.

Burrows, schooled in fine art and design in Italy, never lost his youthful passion for skiing and mountains. 

“As a designer, photographer, and adventurer I have always been curious and worked hard to learn as much about my world as possible. Sometimes it was a matter of learning to survive and manage risk in the mountains. Sometimes it was purely a desire to improve the community or a sport that I was passionate about. In one case designing useful new items such as ski boots or practical environmental designs for the towns, I live near in Colorado. And sometimes it was just about finding out who I am and what is important in the world through photography. I hope you enjoy my vision of the world here. It is like geology, it is dynamic, always changing and constantly revealing the deeper truths from which we come.”

Art Burrows

Macro images from nature, psychedelic landscapes with unique plays on color and light, courageous captures of adventure, and more grace his portfolio. This image may not be calling you but we guarantee you will find something that will whisper, take me home.

We are smitten with Art’s images. See for yourself, you will love them too. Experience his creativity online or at the Red Brick Center for the Arts in Aspen, Colorado. He is available for commission work and large ultra-high-resolution art installations. Our featured image can be purchased for your home or office as a large metal print or as smaller prints either framed, on metal or embedded into acrylic.

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