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There are a number of ways to consume marijuana. If you go on Badass Glass, you can see you can buy bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and much more. Each one has its own pros and cons so it’s up to the consumer to decide which they buy. But, there has been quite a bit of controversy about edible marijuana (cannabis) in the news lately. “Edibles” are most often referred to as any product intended to be consumed orally that also contains marijuana as an ingredient. These days there is a wide range of edible food types, including drinks, cookies, baked goods, oils, butters, pills, and most popular of all, gummies. You can find an example of the sorts of gummies available on the Finest Labs website. We are not here to discuss the controversy but to relay information on the consumption of edibles.


A Selection of Edibles from Alpenglow Botanicals in Breckenridge

Edible marijuana products that are eaten have a number of key differences from marijuana that is inhaled by smoking. When ingested marijuana enters the digestive system and is processed differently than marijuana that enters the lungs by smoking it. Edible marijuana can take up to two hours to take effect and commonly produces a much stronger and longer-lasting effect.

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While recreational marijuana that is meant to be smoked is sold by weight, edible products are sold by the amount of THC in the product. In Colorado, consumers can purchase edible products in packages or servings that include no more than a total of 100 milligrams of active THC. The suggested serving size however is 10 milligrams of THC. Keep in mind that the intoxication effects vary from person to person, and the effects of the intoxication may be different for each. The effect of the dose depends on many factors including height, weight, tolerance, previous usage, the current state of well-being, and health issues. It is highly recommended to only ingest the recommended amount of 10 mg and waiting 2 hours before eating any more. Those taking weed for medical purposes say for, period cramps or headaches should consult a professional to learn more about administering it. However, does weed help headaches? Some are still skeptical about its effects. It is found that the results vary according to each person. For some, higher doses of THC reduced headache, but for others, they respond well to CBD than THC.

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There is a ravenous demand for weed edibles in Colorado and while producers are working hard to keep up with production there are new regulations for them to start following. Concerns over packaging to keep products away from children are one of the issues being addressed and it is not an easy task. Testing products to be sure they do not exceed and also meet the 10mg/100mg requirements are also beginning to take place and be enforced. Homogeneity testing ensures that each serving has a consistent distribution of THC in the edible product and testing for pesticides and other contaminants will begin this year in Colorado.

Some quality education is happening at dispensaries. More often than not you will find a professional, open, and educational environment. We spoke with Alpenglow Botanicals in Breckenridge. We were curious if their staff and most staff at Dispensaries go through any state mandated training? “The state does not require any specific training however the state does require all recreational and medical dispensaries to perform background checks on potential employees. Training is up to the individual shops”. The store does inform their customers about Colorado’s states Marijuana laws.

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Cultivating Spirits Cooking with Cannabis Class

Another unique way to learn more about the edible scene is by booking some time with a marijuana tour company. Cultivating Spirit’s is a Cannabis Tourism, and Experience company located in the Central Rocky mountains. They provide responsible, educational, and spirited Cannabis experiences by providing Grow Tours, Private Gourmet Dinners, Cannabis and Wine Pairings, Cooking Demonstrations, Cooking with Cannabis Demonstrations, and Cannabis Education Classes. These unique tours promote safety first with Limo service for transportation between all of their activities.

If you’re new to the whole scene don’t be embarrassed. Ask questions. Become educated. It is incredibly interesting to walk into a pot shop. As long as your 21 you can walk in and learn about the Cannabis industry here in Colorado whether you partake or not. The folks who work in these establishments are there to help you make sound decisions and to educate you, listen to them. We have seen a lot of education as well as cannabis advertising going on at concerts and special events with the industry taking it upon itself to help you make smart decisions.

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A Great Poster Seen at Telluride Blues & Brews Festival

The message we would like for you to take away is edibles taste great, sometimes amazing, but they should be consumed with caution. Like alcohol, you need to know your limits. Consuming pot should be approached in the same fashion. “Start low, go slow” is a consumeresponsibly.org slogan and we agree. And without a doubt keep your treats away from kids and animals.

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