Blue River Grass

Blue River Grass is flowing with energy and rhythm into the Colorado music scene and beyond

I remember the first time I experienced Blue River Grass. It was several years ago at the Breckenridge Distillery up on a stage tucked into the distillery’s barrel room. It was the perfect location to enjoy their vibrant and energetic blending of Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass and their harmony of sweet songs and synergistic vocals. I knew there was something special coming to fruition.

Blue River Grass was founded in Summit County, Colorado. Its members are Maureen Bozsan (Violinist/Multi-instrumentalist), Benjie West (Mandolin/Guitarist/Vocals), Brett Lomoro (Bassist). The group was formed after many bluegrass picks in a backyard located near the Blue River in Silverthorne, Colorado. Each musician came from different musical backgrounds and projects, creating a sound that’s perpetual and ever changing.

Maureen Bozsan (Violin) is a work of art. Her background is in Neurological Music Therapy as well as violin, her talent extends even further to piano, guitar, & other instruments.
She is a force of nature on & off stage – outside of BRG she teaches music full-time in Denver. Her energetic, melodic style is unmatched & impossible to replicate — once you have seen her play, you are entranced in musical bliss.
Maureen is one of the most driven musicians in the Colorado music scene & her willingness to continue to push musical boundaries is an art form that can not be put into words. i

Benjie West (Mandolin/Guitarist/Vocals) is the brilliant mastermind behind this musical project. He has been wowing crowds for over 2 decades with his pure magic on stage. With a background in progressive psychedelic rock, he is able to carry song into a musical abyss and bring it back with elegance and passion. Benjie’s ability to share his heart and soul through his mandolin/guitar playing and singing is captivating to those watching and incredibly inspiring to those he plays music with.

Brett Lomoro (Bassist/Vocals) is human metronome, sound tech guru, and gear enthusiast. There is no song that he could play that he didn’t have an answer for. His wittiness on a microphone is something to behold, and his ability to keep a crowd engaged is on another level. If you haven’t seen the tricks he has up his sleeve then you are in for a real treat.  Brett’s played bass since he could hold one in his hands, and you can tell – “Everybody knows he’s the man on the lows”.

The synchronisation of the violin, mandolin, guitar, and bass delivers an innovative show full of energy, creating a sound & feeling that encapsulates music goers from any and every genre.

In the past year they have released several new singles, Lone Wolf, Jack and Jim, Mojie, Something in the Orange, and their most recent, Into the Wild. The trio is currently creating a new live album which we are excited to hear. For now head to your favorite streaming service and tune into their channels.

“Blue River Grass is a mind blasting, energetic,  “jazz blues grass” band that can do it all. Our shows are intimate, emotional, and absolutely rocking.  This is just the beginning as we continuously learn and grow, getting better everyday on our instruments and in life. Our music is derived from who we are, where we have been, and where we hope to be going. We hope you will be joining us on this ride.”   

-Benjie West

Their summer schedule is packed with shows around the state as well as a multi day appearance at the Balance Music & Arts Festival in Iowa.   

We love listening and watching them grow!

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~Holly Resignolo

Photos Courtesy of Corey Miller Photography 

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