BOOM. a dance performance you won’t want to miss – Mud Season Getaways

Hey ladies!!! And gentleman too! We are all needing a little getaway time from the melting snow and if the front range is your destination then you might want to make some room in your schedule for this awesome evening. Inspiration comes in many forms. The kind that Nancy Cranbourne and Co-Artistic Director Linzee Klinkenberg along with their wicked talented team are bringing to Boulder involves soul-bearing expression, hands-on mentoring, heartfelt community-building, gorgeous athleticism and endurance. This is BOOM.

BOOM. is pure dance brought to you by Nancy Cranbourne’s One Big Yes Productions.  The Boulder Colorado-based performance that is jam-packed with killer multi-generational talent featuring mature dancers from 40 Women Over 40 and smokin’ hot young, local talent. BOOM. is transformational.  BOOM. is fierce, fun, funky, sassy and deep. It’s an hour of infectious, wild energy, filled with outrageous humor from a joyful tribe of 35 women ages 22-60 who collectively embody the sensuality, authority, humor and depth experienced through dance. You truly do not want to miss this one-hour non-stop explosion of amazing sassy dance.

“To me, BOOM. is wild energy backed up with huge amounts of love,” says Nancy Cranbourne, co-choreographer.  “This work is a calling. Linzee and I are committed to helping women, men and teens find their true power and learn to freely express it.”

BOOM. captures the quiet confidence and elegant self-expression of older dancers and the contagious energy of younger dancers who push the performance to a higher level.  Join us for an evening of dance full of seasoned elegance and youthful artistry that will inspire and uplift. Open to everyone ages 8 and up. Women will be inspired, men will be wowed – all will be filled with

awe. Fifteen separate pieces packed into one non-stop hour. Coming to the Dairy Center for the Arts (2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302) April 27-29 and May 4-6.  Tickets ($26 general/$24 seniors & students) are available at

BOOM. is a collaboration between co-choreographers Nancy Cranbourne and Linzee Klinkenberg.  Nancy has been a professional choreographer, teacher, actor and performer for over 35 years. Nancy started teaching Linzee when she was 12, at 30 Linzee is her own woman and artist.  Born out of the process of creating BOOM., Linzee has formed a new Jazz Fusion Company, New Breed. The two share what they call dance DNA. Together, they are unstoppable and sheer magic.

Through classes, workshops and performances, Cranbourne and Klinkenberg cultivate a unique dance family focused on the health and celebration found in dancing. BOOM. transforms the perception of what it means to be a dancer at any age. Nancy and Linzee’s relationship is the springboard to explore the artistic potential and pure fun found in inter-generational collaboration and mentorship.

Through BOOM. One Big Yes Productions harnesses its rich pool of passion and talent to support the growth of dance in Boulder County and Colorado.  This and upcoming projects are committed to dance mentorship through outreach into local schools and sponsorship of dancers, reaching across generations to make art happen.

So tippit-tap that right into your calendar and get your tickets now. I am hoping we see it up here in our Colorado MTN towns this summer but I say get down there now!

~Treeline Traveler 

PHOTO CREDITS: Heather Gray Photography