US Para-Cycling Challenge – Steamboat Springs USA Pro Cycling Challenge

The Para-Cycling Challenge is getting ready for their race this Friday at 12:15 prior to the Pro riders coming to Steamboat Springs. They will have the top Handcyclist from US Handcycling and the US Paralympic cyclists here for the time trial. The categories for Para-cyclist are paraplegics, quads, amputees, CP, and vision impaired riders. These are the top athletes in the adaptive cycling world coming to Steamboat for the first time.

Here are just a few of the athletes that will be here:

Matt Updike:

Monica Bascio:

Muffy Davis:!athlete

Allison Jones: Allison Jones | Athletes | U.S. Paralympic Team

Oz Sanchez: Oz Sanchez | Athletes | U.S. Paralympic Team

The US Paralympic Hand Cyclists will be competing in a fast 4.07 mile time-trial showcasing their “abilities” not their “disabilities.” Steamboat’s only one of two host towns to have the honor of watching these incredible athletes in action.  Paracycling Race starts at 1pm at 6th Street. The hand cyclists will also have a winner’s presentation just after the race on the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Platform.