Traveling for Taverns – Waterfall spotting on I-70

Idaho Springs, CO tends to be a quick stop for fuel or a bite to eat on the way up to the mountains, but the Vintage Moose Tavern warrants a bit more time.  The Vintage Moose is a recently renovated bar with great views of the Idaho Springs’ waterfall.  Perfect for a few beers or a cocktail while soaking up the local flavor.If you’re stopping in during the day, ask for Kenny; he owns the place and has plenty to talk about.

 He’ll give you the info on everyone sitting in the bar, and then join you for a PBR.  Kenny’s friendliness is also part of his vision. He built a patio behind the main bar area – also waterfall view – with only one table for the sole purpose of drinking and facilitating conversation.

The decor of the Vintage Moose is also worth the stop.  Kenny’s wife owns The Wild Grape, a local gift shop, so she used her expertise to decorate the tavern.  It’s a cozy locals’ spot with a bit of grit – hunting and outdoor shows are usually on   to read more click here

~Ryan J Whaley,

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