Streams Dropping, Hatches are Happening and the Fish are Hungry

The summer fishing season in the Rocky Mountains has been quite challenging in the past couple of months. With record snowfall in the mountains from Canada to Colorado our rivers have been swollen to record levels. With all this high water the fishing has been challenging, but our trips have been quite successful in these challenging months.

The past couple of months I have heard many times, that the water was too high to fish from many customers. Most the time, they were told from someone who had heard from someone who heard from someone, that you couldn’t fish this time of year. The fishing can be challenging, but also very rewarding! I always would recommend fishing with a guide this time of year, unless you fish often and know the local areas well. That is what we are here for, to get people into fish even in the toughest conditions!

The good news is that the streams dropping to perfect levels, the hatches are happening and the fish are hungry. We are planning on an amazing late summer and fall of fishing.

Many people have also asked and speculated on how the health of the streams and trout will be after such a high water season. The answer is the rivers and trout are going to benefit greatly! This means clean rivers with abundant bug life and of course that means healthy streams and fat healthy trout.

The fishing is getting better and better every day! The Arkansas River is “Hot”, the upper Colorado is fishing “Hot”, the South Platte is getting good, The Roaring Fork is “Hot”, the Blue is fishing “Great” and many other streams are fishing “Good” to “Hot” in Colorado. Now is the time, get there!

So book your trip with us for the “Hottest Fishing” we have seen in many years! Stop in for the hot flies and talk some fishing.

 Check out our fishing reports!

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