The Red Shoes Experience Women’s Conference, Breckenridge

This September, women from around the country will gather in Breckenridge, Colorado for an innovative weekend seminar focused on leadership, relationships, and empowerment in a changing world. The Red Shoes Experience will take place September 22-24 at Beaver Run Resort, offering women powerful speakers and hands-on activities to enhance personal and professional development.

Jolina Karen, a certified coach, and holistic healer brought together a consortium of women to organize the event with the goal of addressing a growing trend among women as they approach and journey through their middle age years. “I meet more and more women who find themselves shifting toward a new set of values,” Karen says. “They feel drawn to something different and want more out of life, yet they don’t know what to do about it. It can be a very demoralizing time for them if they lack an effective process for working through this shift.”

Mental health data for the United States support Karen’s concerns. Incidences of female suicide have increased dramatically in recent years, and the CDC reports 25% of American women between the ages of 44 and 60 are taking an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication Karen says these statistics illustrate a lack of understanding for the feminine life journey and a fundamental flaw in the dominant, cultural understanding of human behavior. “Women need a new narrative,” she says. “They need to understand that this shift is a natural part of our human experience. When a woman is given the tools she needs to orient her life around her most authentic priorities and values, everything improves. Her work, her relationships, and her self-worth.”

Lisa Dion, a therapist, and author of the book Integrating Extremes will be a speaker at the seminar. “As a woman who is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, and mother, I understand the battle that happens inside between the authentic self and the ‘shoulds’ we carry around with us,” she says. At the event, Dion will lead an interactive session where she will share cutting edge neurobiological insights and somatic practices to help women address conflict and speak their truths. “I’m thrilled to be part of the Red Shoes Experience. I can’t think of a greater gift than to support other women as they tap into their own power, wisdom, and beauty.

Another event speaker, master sales coach and entrepreneur Summer Deaton, will lead a session designed to help women sell themselves, both in their professional and personal lives. “We’re all selling ourselves all the time,” Deaton says. “Knowing what to say, how to say it and when, can reduce anxiety and open doors for women to create a connection in all facets of life.”

Small group discussions, outdoor activities and evening cocktail parties will round out the Red Shoes Experience seminar, giving participants a weekend of learning, personal development, and connection. Registration is now open at, and early bird rates will be offered for a limited time. Contact Jolina Karen at (970) 389-4513 with questions about the event.

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