– Baked in Telluride Reopens

Perched on a weathered, wooden seat, soaking up sunshine and sinking my teeth into a slice of cheesy, greasy, pepperoni pizza was one of the few rituals I would partake in during my annual trip to Telluride before moving down to the San Juans last November. Like most festival attendees and weekend excursionists, stopping off for a pastry or coffee at the iconic Baked in Telluride was as essential as grabbing a beer at the New Sheridan Hotel or hiking up to the top of Bridal Veil Falls. Without it, a trip to Telluride was just incomplete.

But 16 months ago, things changed. On a cold, February 2010 night, a fire from underneath one of the bakery’s ovens ignited, consuming not only the structure, but its history as well. A hole had appeared in the town’s culture; the locals were lost.

Now, almost a year and a half later, that hole has been filled. Serving up pastries, breakfast burritos, donuts, pies and ginormous cookies yet again, the historical Baked in Telluride is back with a vengeance. Sure, the structure is larger, the ovens are newer and the front patio is not nearly as decrepit as it once was, but that nostalgic, mountain-town culture that BIT helped create has returned for all visitors and locals alike.


(For stunning images of the fire, visit Ben Knight’s website and select Baked in Telluride on the lower left-hand side.)

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