Ski Town All-Stars

Ski Town All-Stars is a Build-your-own Trucker Hat Concept, with a Cult Like Following

When Chris Bivona was running the Vail not-for-profit lacrosse program, he jokingly called the conglomeration of young Colorado athletes the Ski Town All-Stars. He slapped a logo on a hat and the name stuck — not only to a group of lacrosse kids, but to generations of 20- and 30-somethings grinding it out in ski towns, working hard and skiing harder, doing whatever it takes to live the powder-loaded dream.

“The name just kind of became a staple in the ski community,” says Bivona. The 43-year-old Ski Town All-Stars founder and owner is celebrating his company’s six-year anniversary. He jokes about how he and his mom started making hats in his kitchen, creating quippy taglines like “Send It” and “No One Cares That You’re a Ski Instructor.”

“It’s kind of wild,” he says. “We opened our doors to the world. Everyone from realtors to a pizza shop to GoPro are ordering our hats with their logos on them.”

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A slim staff of eight run the ski shop and warehouses and all printing, sewing and embroidering is done in-house with sewing machines. The full-service ski shop sells Blizzard, Nordica, Fischer, Atomic and Rossignol skis, boasting the largest selection in the Vail Valley.

“Our brand is all about authenticity,” Bivona says, accrediting a large chunk of sales to a robust TikTok and Instagram following. “They see us skiing these products and they buy skis from us. It’s really snowballing.” 

Ski Town All-Stars draws a range of generations with its build-your-own trucker hat concept, fun poppy colors and best-selling phrases like “Lil Ripper” and “Après Ski Instructor.”

“Our stuff’s not bland,” Bivona says. “We’re selling fun.”

The company maintains a strong give-back culture, working with the local community through its Ski Town Projects and Partnerships that include raising more than $10,000 in fall of 2023 for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, working with those who have suffered injuries in the wild to get them back out in nature, and partnering with Speak Up on local suicide prevention efforts.

Riding the speeding train of organic and wildly successful growth, Ski Town All-Stars strives to maintain its play hard, work hard foundation. “We were looking for a way to represent ski town culture, honor mountain town locals, and stoke outdoor enthusiasts everywhere,” Bivona says. “That’s how Ski Town All-Stars came to life.”

41199 U.S. 6
Avon, Colorado

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