MTN Town Magazine Spring/Summer 2018 Issue

Welcome to the MTN Town Magazine Spring/Summer 2018 Issue Publishers Greeting: Wow, it has been warm. Spring actually feels like spring and that has not happened in a long time. I am enjoying the warmth and early start to the mountain biking season. At 10,000ft it takes a little longer for the leaves, flowers and grass to really get going. The canopy of green is popping early, along with a profusion of wildflowers.

Four years ago, as we were finishing up the second winter issue of MTN Town Magazine, I realized that the majority of the stories we were publishing involved men and very few women were discussed. It was relatively shocking to my female senses, but right in tune with the industry that surrounds us up here in the mountains. I remember when I first moved to Summit County and I walked into the Breckenridge Brewery, other than a single waitress there were no women to be found in that establishment. The statistics have changed since 1990 but the truth is there are still more guys than gals here. Looking at winter snow sport participant statistics the ratio is about 60% men and 40% women (SIA). In Mountain Biking, the statistics are even lower, somewhere between 10% to 30% of all mountain bikers are female (PinkBike). The outdoor industry is male heavy but there are a lot of women out there making themselves known and influencing these sports. It is encouraging to note that the female tide is rising since we began publishing the magazine too. We do make 95% of the purchasing decisions so you know who holds the purse strings. The question is, are we (us females) treating ourselves to the good stuff?

Now I know behind every good man is a great woman and we decided on that day to create one magazine a year that featured some of the amazing women living and working in our Colorado mountain towns and communities. We have stayed true to that promise and deliver to you our fourth year of ‘Women Who Rock the Rockies’. On the following pages, you will hear about some amazing entrepreneurs, authors, restaurateurs, philanthropists, musicians and more. All are women contributing to our communities and making them a better place to live. We also stayed true to including a token male within the issue. You will find him notable and worthy of the coverage at the end of our feature section.

In addition, we discuss the incredible little town of Eagle and have some great information on events, music, festivals, and activities to plan for in Colorado’s mountain towns this summer. Read, enjoy and get out, it’s time for summer; the reason we stayed!

Enjoy, our Colorado mountain towns are so special,

~Holly Battista-Resignolo, Publisher

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