May Snow Equals Wildflowers and River Flow

The blog is looking too colorless! Lots of Whites, Greys, Dark Greens and Blacks. I am always amazed at how colorful everything looks when I leave the mountains and head to lower climates in the spring. I sincerely believe it is because my eyes are color starved.

Arkansas River

Fret not, all this snow equals river flow – thanks Courtney Kenady for the reminder and the Arkansas River pic! Here are some pretty pictures of Colorado flowers for those that might be feeling a little blue.

Williams Fork MBR

Many thanks to Ellen Hollinshead  for these lovelies!


The flower photos came from a post we did last summer, Click the link and make yourself happy, there are a ton more photos there:


We hope you enjoyed this little break from the snow farm!

~MTN Town Magazine

Featured Image: Courtney Kenady

Flowers: Ellen Hollinshead

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