The Grand County Food Truck Experience

What makes Winter Park different than any other ski town? It’s being off of the beaten I-70 path, losing site of corporate restaurants, and finding yourself immersed in a valley that thrives off of a love of community. These four Grand County Food Truck Chefs all have a common goal: to serve creative, original and delicious food in the towns they share and love.

WINTER PARK: The Spot Grill

A love for people, good food and the mountain life is what sparked the flames of The Spot Grill. Chef and owner, Cody Martin, is a Colorado native who attended CSU Fort Collins before residing in Winter Park. Starting off working his college summers as an Echo Canyon River raft guide, he found himself taking over the camping kitchen for overnight trips. He loved having the chance to cook for the people he rafted with. Now, he is sharing his nostalgic love for grilled cheese with the late night crowd.

How and when did The Spot Grill start?

I saw a need for late night food in Winter Park. I remembered always having a favorite midnight spot to grab food from in Fort Collins. Fresh out of college, there was an opportunity! I’ve been in the business for almost 5 years now. October 31, 2017, will be my two-year anniversary inside Ullr’s Tavern (a locally-loved live music bar).

How did you get into the restaurant industry?

I always worked front of the house positions – bartending and serving at Winter Park Resort. The transition from taking orders to manning the grill was the biggest challenge.

What’s one item on the menu you have to try?

The B&B, blue and provolone cheese, caramelized onions and bacon, and The Jam, Brie cheese, turkey and raspberry jam.

Why locate in Grand County?

The community feel. I lived in Summit County before Grand, it just felt too big and less connected. I had friends already living in Winter Park and fell in love with the small town, community vibe.

Why grilled cheese?

I used to come up with all kinds of crazy combinations on my overused George Foreman throughout college.

What’s a dream pop up location for the food truck?

Grand Lake during summertime.

FRASER: Stuffed

“Food that nourishes the soul is what we strive for.” Amber and Jessica opened up their food truck with a pow (hence the logo)! Utilizing all locally-sourced ingredients, while minimizing any waste and making sure to recycle as much as possible, everything is prepped from scratch. Stuffed serves local free-range eggs and beef from local ranchers off of Cottonwood Pass – giving a stand-out farm-to-truck experience!

How and when did you start Stuffed?

We started Stuffed on September 14, 2016. We have been working on this idea for a couple of years now. Both of us were ready to own a business – luckily we had found each other to coincide ideas.

How did you get into the restaurant industry?

Jessica’s passion for cooking started young, cooking with her mom. Prior to Stuffed, Jessica worked years with the NSCD program. Her involvement in teaching and sharing her love slowly transformed into a career of serving food to the people she loves.

Amber always had a love for food and “the gift it holds in sharing it with other people”. At 18, Amber dived into the restaurant industry. She started her first two years as an apprentice to a renowned French baker. After learning beside many wonderful chefs, Amber was promoted to an executive chef position for the next four years. This paved way into an opportunity to teach at a farm-to-table culinary school in Loveland for another two years.

What’s one item on the menu you have to try?

The OG (ground beef, cabbage and onion) is the reason we started. It’s a German-inspired treat we always ate growing up. Jessica used to call them ‘runzas’ and Amber knew them as the ‘kraut burger’.

Why locate in Grand County?

We love living in Grand County and the community that is up here. We couldn’t think of a better place to live or better people to serve.

What’s a dream pop up location for the food trucks future?

We are excited to take this truck on the road with our husbands someday – park the truck near rafter pullouts on the Colorado River.


A well-traveled chef, Erasmo Espinoza was born in California and spent his childhood growing up in Mexico. Just a year ago, Iowa was home. Now life is moving fast for QuickE’s owner. Erasmo has had a busy year bringing Grand County the authentic flavors of Mexican street tacos, getting married last September, becoming a dad and opening his own food truck in early January.

How and when did you start QuickE’s?

“I like to tell people QuickE’s manifested itself and I just went with it!” Late last fall a close friend purchased an airstream. We had just finished revamping the airstream and were getting hungry. So what better way to break in the airstream than cooking in it for the first time? (Laughs) I ALWAYS have tortillas and bacon on hand! I started throwing together some bacon, egg and cheese tacos and then a light bulb sparked. It began to feel and smell like a taco truck, which is exactly what the airstream became.

I redefined the fried egg taco, adding raw spinach and topping it with pure [emphasis on pure] maple syrup.” I took a bite and with that taste, I knew I had something great. “And the rest was history.”

Why locate in Grand County?

Because I love this county! I originally moved up her eight years ago to shred the powder! Then I found myself surrounded by beauty every day. There was a need for something like QuickE’s. A place that cooked to order, quick and nutritious meals that used fresh ingredients to cater most to the local workforce.

Why tacos?

Tacos have been a part of my WHOLE life. As a kid, the first foods I made were salt and avocado tacos. My uncles were Taqueros in Mexico. At one point my grandma even had a Taqueria in her house. I remember the REAL street tacos. Taqueros were like a good bartender – they entertain you, give you advice and cook you bomb tacos! I fell in love with that scene. I saw that being a Taquero meant serving joy, love and delicious tacos all at once!

What’s a dream pop up location for the food trucks future? Hands down, opening up shop at the top of Berthoud Pass on a power day!

We would love to see them atop Berthoud Pass. we would definitely stop! Be sure to stop by one of these locations whe you head to Winter Park, Tabernash, Granby or on the way to Kremmling!

by Sarah Morin

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