Fly Fishing with the Legendary Dave Hill – Telluride Newb

As a kid growing up in the Front Range, we went fishing only on special occasions, like Father’s Day, and I never really got into it. The fact that I never actually caught a fish and spent the majority of my time unhooking my fly from branches probably had something to do with it. But, fly fishing in Telluride, especially with San Miguel Angler Dave Hill, is something else.

Heading out of town early, Dave, myself and Emily from the Telluride Tourism Board cruised up to Barlow Creek, just past Ophir, to do a little fly fishing. After a bit of casting practice, we meandered up the pristine creek, hunting for Cutthroat and Brook Trout. Though the first half of the day passed without a single rise, we began catching fish after fish as the temperature increased, once they finally woke up – according to Dave.

Dave Hill, for those who don’t know, is somewhat of a Telluride local legend. He’s been living in the box canyon for as many years as he’s been guiding fly fishing trips, and he’s known for getting the job done (catching fish, that is). Besides being a blast to fish with, he’s the best person to ease your frustrations if they aren’t cooperating (biting). He’s got stories, anecdotes and a ton of jokes to make your day that much better. In other words, Dave Hill of San Miguel Anglers is the man.


Song: “I Think I’m in Love” by Beck