EvoSwing Golf Lesson – Hit the Ball Further WITHOUT Swinging Harder

The theme for this week’s Virtual Tip is how to hit it further WITHOUT swinging harder!  The speed of the club head at impact is one the two things that influence how far your golf ball will fly.  Learning when to apply that speed is one of the smartest ways to get more distance from every club in the bag.

Ideally your club head should reach maximum speed slightly AFTER impact.  The reason for this is very simple… when the club is still accelerating at impact the weight of the ball does not slow the club head as much as it would if it were decelerating.

Maximum speed is achieved when the club shaft is fully extended from the left arm.  A VERY high percentage of amateurs extend the shaft too early thus wasting precious speed.  Learning to correctly time the acceleration of the club head is one of the most powerful pieces to the efficient swing puzzle!

Check out the video and learn to use the speed you have more efficiently!

[wpvideo R5gZwDv1]

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