EvoSwing Golf Lesson – Far is Fun!

One of the most common things people are seeking when they come to me for help is distance. Virtually everyone who plays the game would like to add a few more yards to their shots. Two things control the distance of your shots; the quality of contact at impact and the speed of the club head at impact. In this tip we are going to look at two of the influences that control club head speed; torque and arc size. Proper use of torque (or coil) in the backswing can produce a lot more speed in the downswing without the swing getting too long and out of control. Proper torque in the backswing also minimizes the need for adding force in the downswing which helps avoid injuries. Think of torque like winding up the propeller on a rubber band plane. The more you wind it up the further the plane will fly! For those who may not have the leg or core strength to increase torque comfortably, creating a bigger arc is another option to generate more speed. If you think of the swing as a pendulum, the bigger the arc the pendulum swings through the more potential there is to generate speed. Be careful not to seek a larger arc than you can control though…bigger arcs can lead to shorter shots if you lose the quality of contact! Bottom line is to try both methods and see which is easier for you to gain the distance you desire without losing control of the flight!

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