Cocktails for MTN Town Parties: Breckenridge Distillery Pepper Comb

Todd Ferullo, Ember’s barkeep and cocktail culinarian, carries with him 20 years of front of the house experiences and has worked with Ember’s Owner and Chef Scott Bowshaw since the restaurant opened five years ago. Todd’s enthusiasm, interesting conversation and knowledge of his products has always impressed us when we have come for some après time at his bar. In the world of mixology Todd considers himself a dabbler, although he is a certified Sommelier, dabble he does. There is always a new drink to be experienced when we find ourselves in this fabulous Breckenridge restaurant.  We asked Todd to create some amazing recipes for the holidays using Colorado mountain town produced sprits.

Here is his suggestion using Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon:

Breckenridge Distillery


The Breckenridge Distillery Pepper Comb

pink/white/black crushed pepper

1 tsp honey syrup (1 part water, 3 parts honey heated to integrate the water)

2 ounce Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon

In a mixing glass full of ice give 6-8 good twists of ground pepper, add honey syrup, bourbon.  Shake hard, pour into rocks glass, 1 twist pepper to garnish.


~MTN Town Magazine

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