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In 2009, when Vail native Jim Borchardt wanted to start an outerwear company for young, rail-hungry park rats like himself, he knew hardly anything about the business. He’d never sewn a jacket or measured dimensions for a pair of pants, let alone worked with fabric manufacturers, accounting software or a marketing team. All he knew about the ins and outs of the winter sports industry came from watching ski videos and hitting the park daily with friends.

Bloom Outerwear2

But he understood how to build buzz with Facebook, YouTube and Instagram – the outlets most 20-something skiers feverishly follow to learn about the next big thing in the freeski world.

“If I didn’t use social media, this wouldn’t have come together,” said Borchardt, who Click Here to Continue Reading with

Bloom Outerwear~Phil Lindeman, Sneak Peak Vail

Photos Courtesy of Bloom Outerwear



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