Beach Town Magazine – Bringing fresh ideas for travels to sandy shores

Beach Town Magazine launches as a digital publication for Mountain Town enthusiasts to ponder after a long winter

Our new publication highlights great beaches around the world and everything their communities have to offer. From clear tropical waters to unique lakes and compelling shores, we love to travel and explore everything a coastal community has to offer.

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In Issue 1 we bring you travels to St. Phillips Island in South Carolina, Cabo San Lucas – Mexico, the Florida Everglades, Guanaja – Honduras and San Clemente – California. We chat up bech town living, emphasize the environment with current news and events, capture the flavor of the area with dining ideas and restaurant reviews, as well as present local real estate opportunities + a whole lot more.

Our magazine is presented annually at this moment and can be ordered as a print publication. If you are interested in ordering please reach out to our email: mtntownmagazine at

We are so excited to see where this goes and would love to hear back from you all! Stay in touch as we build our website for Beach Town Magazine.

Cheers to adventures in our Mountains and along sandy Shores!

~Holly Battista-Resignolo

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