A Man Is Running Across Mongolia and He Needs Your Help to be Strong to the Finish!

This is an inspiring, true story of one man’s life-altering 1,500 mile run across Mongolia that is happening right now as you read this. Why would someone put their body through such a physical challenge? A true test of mind over emotion and matter.



Location: Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Imagine waking up huddled next to a handful of other 5 year old orphans, not knowing if you will eat today…

The emotional weight of abandonment and the resulting poverty is more than any child should ever have to bear. But this is the harsh reality for a large number of Mongolian children: 1000‘s of little lives, ravaged by poverty and a country dealing with the social fallout of a deserted generation.

On the other side of the globe…

Brian Hunter lives with his wife and 2 kids of his own in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Upon learning about the masses of homeless children, forgotten by the world, he feels a deep connection to help.

Abandoned by his own father as a young boy and stricken with Polio, Brian’s story shares too many similarities and strikes too deep a chord for him to remain uninvolved.

How could someone half a world away actually make a difference?

The question rattles around in Brian’s mind as he inventories what he can bring to the table. “What can I do to help?”

Then an idea strikes.

“I can run.”

And So A Plan Is Hatched

Brian commits to an audacious goal: A 60 Day Border-to-Border crossing of Mongolia to raise funds and awareness for the impoverished children in country.

That is the equivalent of running 60 marathons in 60 days.

The Run Is Happening Right Now, But We Need Your Help To Make A Documentary Film. 

A Kickstarter campaign is starting to help fund the production and distribution of Strong to the Finish. This documentary will help raise funds for these orphans and provide a visual story of one man’s complex struggle to redefine how individuals can make a difference in the world.

A character-driven film, Strong to the Finish juxtaposes Brian’s idealistic family life, both at home and as they join him on the expedition, against the harsh reality of life on the streets in Mongolia.

What happens during this ten-week expedition across Mongolia will be nothing short of life changing for Brian, his family, the street orphans, and everyone else touched by his inspiring journey.

Who’s On Board? 

Brain Farm (The Filmmakers)

Brain Farm Digital Cinema is an Emmy Award winning Production Company specializing in the highest quality action and adventure filmed entertainment. Well known for their films like That’s it That’s All and The Art of Flight. Its roster of directors, producers, cinematographers and specialists are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to “get the shot” and “tell the story” so that every project is as memorable and engaging as it is groundbreaking.

Brain Farm has already helped get this project to where it is and the campaign funds will allow them to craft the raw footage from Brian’s run into a world-class feature documentary.

Be.Media House 

be.Media House is a company fueled by passion; a multi-platform social business with a focus on philanthropy, culture, and lifestyle. As an umbrella brand, they specialize in publishing, production and events – bringing compelling content across media channels as diverse as print, digital, audio, and TV that appeal to a global audience.

Not only do they create content and exposure for their third-party partners and inspirations but they contribute top quality assets to leverage philanthropic missions and humanitarian causes of those who set out to make the world a better place.

3 Simple, Effective Things You Can Do

1. Check out the Video! (It’s Awesome) Like, Comment, & Share the video. Social media has the power to get this story in front of millions of people. The impact you can make with a simple Facebook account is immense and completely free. So Share, +1, Tweet, Pin, Like, Digg, comment whatever this video and help pass-on the good word.

2. Pledge to the KickStarter campaign. This campaign is all or nothing. If we are even $1 short on the last day, none of the pledges go through. No funds change hands and the story doesn’t get told. It only take 6000 people at the $50 level to make this happen. Taking action, even a small one like supporting this film, is exactly how injustice like this gets better. Pledge Your Support Today.

3. Tell Your Friends. Social media works even better face to face! Start a conversation with your friends about ways they can think of to help. Would running across Mongolia be their response? Crazy-good things happen when people tap into their passions. Feel free to come up with your own ideas and take action! LIKE their Facebook Page


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Photo Credits: Brain Farm, be.Media House

Summer 2013 Issue