5 REASONS WHY I LOVE ASPEN, COLORADO and the Roaring Fork Valley

For most, living in a Colorado mountain town is more of a choice than a stroke of good fortune. Area local and special guest, Jillian Livingston of ASPEN BUSINESS CONNECT, tells us why she loves living in her Colorado mountain town, Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley.

Moving from New York City to Aspen back in 1990, I was all too ready to live in a town surrounded by nature, but at the same time I still desired a similar caliber of cultural events and restaurants to keep my brain (and tastebuds) stimulated; between the Aspen Institute, Aspen Film, Aspen Words, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, and the Aspen Music Festival, as well as a few remaining locally owned farm to table restaurants, I get my fill.

Earn your turns, Hike to Ski & Ride – Highland Bowl

With four mountains to ski on with differing levels of terrain to fit any mood in any weather, you can usually find me hiking Highland’s Bowl for the steeps. In the summer I’m either deep in the forests on my mountain bike with good friends or hiking into our mountains and plunging into our mountain lakes for fun. 

No traffic, no people, only a mom and her outdoor loving sons!

No lines. No traffic. Even when there is traffic, it’s truly not that bad, it’s just we’re not used to it.

Folks Keeping It Real, Learning and Connecting

The people that gravitate here tend to not have preconceived notions – most of them are open to everything and everyone, those who aren’t tend to get spit out or burned out pretty quickly.

Beautiful Carbondale

A half hour away is Carbondale, Colorado, another cool mountain town where the locals are “real”, choosing sparkle overglitz and there are no posers, and just beyond Carbondale, over McClure Pass, is North Fork Valley with incredible vineyards and the largest concentration of organic/sustainable growers in the state.

Beautiful Stunning Aspen, Colorado

by Jillian Livingston, ASPEN BUSINESS CONNECT

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