Ushering in the Wonder –

As we break out of  winter’s grip, the days are starting to get longer, and the sun seems to give off a different light.  There is a change in the air. It may be me just thinking of the spring to come, but I feel it and see weather patterns change.
At the same time, the fishes’ behaviors are starting to change with insect activity starting to ramp up (even if it is only midges).  Consistent midge hatches bring fish to the surface and the trout feed aggressively in the midday sun.
Soon many rivers  will start to see the first signs of the Rainbow and Cutthroat spawn, with fish starting to stage in inlets and deep holes, looking for familiar spawning grounds for the dance to come.  This staging is something of a mystery and can happen overnight and in varying numbers of fish from year to year.
These changes inspire me to branch out and look for new places to fish, free of ice, undisturbed, and with ‘wonder’ in my mind.  Wonder, or the unknown, is probably the most influential part of fishing for me.  Casting your fly in a new river or area you haven’t fished for a few months makes it all worth it, especially when a large Rainbow is on the take.  That’s the moment of wonder- when I say to myself, “I wonder if there is a fish sitting below that riffle that  just freed from the ice.”
The next couple of months can be very rewarding as I step out of the shop to go fishing.  The Mountains are changing with spring in the air. The views are breathtaking. ‘Wonder’ is alive in each new destination. The fishing and everything you see while in the river’s presence is flourishing.
This is a magical time of year. It’s time to break free of winter and usher in a new season of change! Time to step out and enjoy the day, the views, the wildlife, the fishing and the ‘Wonder’!

Get your gear together and get out on the water. Check out our up to date fishing reports, come in pick up a few flies and get on the water or give a call for the hot patterns and fishing spots.

Zeke Hersh  Ezekiel Hersh – Blue River Anglers