USA Pro Challenge 2014 – Aspen, Snowmass, Crested Butte, Gunnison, Monarch, Vail, Breckenridge

Colorado’s mountain towns are celebrating another year with the cyclists of  the 2014 USA Pro Challenge! You can follow along with them via television, internet or get right up close and watch from you favorite spot. The 2014 USA Pro Challenge professional cycling race will start in Aspen and take the world’s best cyclists on a seven-day trek through the Colorado Rockies on the way to the overall finish in Denver. Taking place Aug. 18-24, the race will be a heart-pounding journey over a 550-mile course. Not sure where to watch? The following spectator guide,  includes road closure information, camping details, viewing tips and best places to watch: Click Here

USA Pro venue

Viewing Tips:

  • Don’t touch the cyclists. These are professional athletes competing in an endurance sport…let them do their thing
  • If you want to take photos, stand clear of the road. The riders use all of the pavement, so stay to the side when taking that selfie
  • Give the riders ample room on both sides of the road…you never know when someone is going to make that decisive move
  • At the starts and finishes keep all your limbs behind the barriers (no explanation needed)
  • Take responsibility for any children or pets you have with you to keep them safe and out of the way
  • Please don’t paint on the roadways
  • Have fun! Cheer, yell, ring your cowbells, the riders love the extra encouragement!

Defending Champion and fifth place Tour de France finisher Tejay van Garderen advises fans, “‘Stand and cheer, but please stay clear’ sounds a little cheesy, but it’s actually how things should be. When people try to run with us, they turn their backs and then they don’t know where we are. So come out and cheer your butts off, but help us stay safe by keeping your distance.”


The Schedule is as Follows:

Be sure to click the link for the information you need on each location!

Stage 1: Aspen Circuit Race – Monday, Aug. 18


Stage 2: Aspen to Crested Butte – Tuesday, Aug. 19


Stage 3: Gunnison to Monarch Mountain – Wednesday, Aug. 20


Stage 4: Colorado Springs Circuit Race – Thursday, Aug. 21


Stage 5: Woodland Park to Breckenridge – Friday, Aug. 22


Stage 6: Vail Individual Time Trial – Saturday, Aug.  23


Stage 7: Boulder to Denver – Sunday, Aug. 24

We are psyched to get out there! Stay in touch with us on Facebook as we begin posting some great pictures!

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