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Do you ever struggle with topping your shots or hitting the ground before you hit the ball?  Do your shots fly too high and travel a short distance…or do they fly too low and never stop when they hit the green.  Do you struggle getting long irons and fairway woods airborne?  You are not alone!  These are some of the most common challenges for handicap golfers and they can all be improved dramatically by learning about and practicing the “Turf Scuff”!

Any shot when the ball rests on the ground, it is critical that your club scuffs the grass AFTER it strikes the ball in order to guarantee sweet spot contact and optimum flight!  The Turf Scuff should always start in the middle of your stance and the deepest or lowest part of the Turf Scuff will occur 3-5 inches in front of that.

In order to accomplish this, your hands must be 3-5 inches in front (to the left of the ball or closer to the target) of the ball at impact.  The best ways to practice this are to do lots of visualizing of your hands leading the club head to the ball and to practice making swings with no ball.   Once you can consistently get your Turf Scuff accurate without a ball,  then you can begin trying with a ball.

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If you want to get more consistent contact, generate more distance and control the trajectory of your shots…learn to control your turf scuff!

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