PINK VAIL ASTOUNDS In 2018 and Prepares for 2019

PINK VAIL ASTOUNDS In 2018 and Prepares for 2019

Pink Vail 2018 astounded last year! Pink Vail had one of the most successful years of Fundraising in their event’s history. Wow! A goal of $800,000 for Shaw Cancer Center’s Spirit of Survival program was exceeded by $120,000 which benefits ALL of their patients by providing complimentary nutrition consultation, fitness classes, emotional counseling, wellness programs and much more. What a gift.

This year they have set the bar at $900,000 so it is time to begin fundraising!

Cancer affects so many of us and we’ve heard hundreds of amazing personal stories over the years. One that stands out is Brittany Richards and her team, the Double D’s. This past year (2018), Brittany raised over $70,000 herself, making her the all-time top Pink Vail fundraiser. The Double D’s raised $100,000 as a team, also a record-breaking success!

2018 Stats 

Total number of participants: 2,485

Total number of volunteers: 325

Number of donations: 4,695

Total number of teams: 208

Age range of participants: 0-93

Number of cancer survivors: 207

Number of states participating: 50

Total dollars raised: $920,000 

6-Year Total Dollars Raised: over $4 million

Pink Vail Honors every Cancer with every color which is their 2019 theme. “Every Cancer, Every Color” reminds participants and donors that Pink Vail celebrates everyone who has fought a battle with cancer, and it benefits patients with all types of the disease. The Shaw Cancer Center specializes in breast, lung, prostate cancers and colon cancers and also treats lymphoma, skin, brain and nervous system, endocrine, leukemia, myeloma, and many others types of cancer.

Mountain Town Magazine believes and supports in this mission. Please consider joining all of us this year!

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