Phunkshunwear- The Business of Face Protection

The majority of this article was published in the Winter 2012-13 Issue of  MTN Town Magazine  but there were some great photos that could not be included within the article and I wanted to expound on it as I get back to business after a much needed holiday break.

As I stated in the beginning of the magazine article, face protection, how does one get excited about a necky. When you think face-protection you often think of fleece neck gaiters that often get soggy and  freeze up, causing an early end to your day. I was beyond impressed with Phunkshunwear’s approach to what is actually a very important component in a day out in the elements and all of the people needed to create a solid technical product.

Phunk Breck Wakeup 002

First you need fabrics, good high end fabrics that breathe and lots of it. Pictured above is a fabric saw. I had no idea there was such a thing!

Phunk Breck Wakeup 010

Then you need an incredible printer to create the colors, design and logos for each product plus someone who can wield a scissor with precision.

Phunk Breck Wakeup 006

A screen printer who knows his stuff transfers all that good looking stuff onto the fabric.

Phunk Breck Wakeup 003

And here is the women who brings it all together. A couturier maybe one of the terms for this specialized position.  She knows her stuff, stitching each product up to help protect you on those cold fridged days. A lot of these products are great for sun protection too.

There’s a lot more to this business, here’s a link to the article to get the full skinny on Phunkshunwear, check it out:

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