Perspectives – A Skiing Documentary

For the past few months Cody Cirillo, a senior high school student, had the opportunity to develop a ski movie as a Senior Project for his highschool. It was an opportunity for him to present a different type of ski movie “I thought that ski movies today kind of were starting to bore me- there was no story line- they were only basic ski porns with music and clips of skiing. In this case, I decided to really create a kind of story that developed through my project, that being “Perspectives.” I followed a few skiers over the past 3 months and got to know them and got to shoot their skiing. It was amazing that all people who I thought to be so similar at first were completely different in their views of skiing. I really tried to capture this in my film.”

And capture he did. Along with Picante Productions the documentary was created in one of the best seasons known to mankind! Catch Perspectives tonight! The film will be showing for Free, 6pm at the Vail Mountain School auditorium 3000 Booth Falls Road, Vail CO

Here’s the Trailer!



  1. I believe I sat next to this young man during dinner at The Red Lion, after a long day of riding for everyone back in Feb. – He was eating with a videographer, and they were talking all about skiing and filming. I was alone, so I had no choice but to overhear it all. The young skier even finished what was left of the videographer’s dinner!
    I just know it was these guys! Anyway- GREAT VIDEO!!!

  2. Cody and I are currently trying to get another showing together for anyone who missed the first one!!

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