No More Plastic Bags for Telluride

In a few weeks, plastic bags will no longer see the light of day in Telluride. With the combination of “Bag It,” a compelling documentary, environmental activism and city council approval in October 2010, this small mountain town will be the first municipality in Colorado to ban the use of plastic bags in retail stores, beginning March 1. Paper bags will still be available, but will come with a 10 cent fee – 5 cents of which going to the retail outlet and the remainder put towards a local education fund. Additionally, Mountain Village – just a short gondola ride away – has begun considering a potential ban as well after a January city council meeting. Although reports have indicated the the town wants to wait to see how successful the ban is in Telluride, it seems as if the days are numbered for plastic bags within this part of San Miguel County. Except for a handful of citizens (including the owner of a hot tub maintenance company), most support the ban. Regardless, this simple act is just one way for Telluride to combat deeply ingrained consumer habits and care for the environment at the same time. Gavin, Telluride NewB