Lucky Enough in Telluride – Himlay Palmer

Falling in love with Telluride is not a difficult thing to do and your lucky enough if you do because it means you have had the opportunity to experience it. What is there not to love about Telluride. The town is lovely, the views are beautiful, the snow scene is amazing, restaurants delicious and the people are pretty darn nice. The Telluride Ski & Golf Resort put together six videos that highlight the people who not only love Telluride but chose to make it their home. That is not an easy feat. Living in a ski town is easy, making it work in a ski town is tough. We are here to present these videos with the permission of the resort. Check them out as we post, there will be a total of six, I think you will really like them. They are way better then most of the Superbowl commercials we just watched.

~MTN Town Magazine

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