Gheek Goggle Covers – New Product Review

Innovation, its what keeps our world running. Often creations are from necessity and are designed to be useful. In this case Gheek goggle covers are super functional, smart and fun.  Today’s high tech goggles are pricey and when making that type of investment they need some major TLC. One scratch and they can become a useless set of expensive plastic.

Brooks Detchon and Jenna McCrory hail from Driggs, Idaho and have put plenty of time on the hill. The concept began eight years ago when Brooks began wearing a helmet. We all have different habits. Brooks is one who likes to keep his goggles on his helmet but they kept getting scratched. After testing different ways to protect them he and his partner Jenna McCrory found the perfect fit and began manufacturing The Gheek!

Gheek google covers are a lightweight 2mm neoprene lens cover that clips onto a goggle’s straps. You literally clip one side of the cover onto the strap, pull the Gheek cover over the face of the goggle and attach the other Gheek clip on the opposite side.

A high quality microfiber lens cloth is then pulled over the inside lens to protect it. Multifunctional, its safe for cleaning and drying the lenses too.

Simple, easy to use, functional and not pricey, especially after paying $150+ This is good insurance! Jenna and Brooks are on the road getting product orders so their list of retail shops are growing. For now contact them via their website. If you own your own business and you are looking for a marketing piece, then definitely check out having a special order placed with your logo as the design on the front. Good luck to these new innovators!!

~MTN Town Magazine