Evoswing Golf Lesson – Release Styles

All players aspiring for maximum consistency and power should strive to time the release (squaring) of the clubface as late as possible in the downswing.  The later the rotation of the club back to square before impact, the more power you can deliver with less effort AND the more potential there is to minimize directional inconsistencies.

However, as the following video shows there are a couple different styles of HOW to release the club face.  The “scoop” release that Dustin Johnson uses is very effective for those players whose club face tends to be a bit closed at the top of the backswing or who tend to hook the ball to the left.  The “trap” release of Stuart Appleby will work better for the vast majority of amateurs who want more distance from their shots and tend to miss to the right of the target directionally.

The release is one of the most important timing marks in a quality golf swing.  Knowing when to release and what style works best for you will definitely help you play better golf!

[wpvideo XeYAcIFB]

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Featured Image: Telluride Golf Club
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