EvoSwing Golf Lesson – Consistency

Consistency is one of the most elusive keys to playing good golf.  Even the Touring Professionals experience wide varieties of shot quality throughout a round.  Ben Hogan, one of the best players of all time, only expected to hit 2-5 shots per round exactly as he pictured them.  If great shots are the ceiling, consistency means keeping the floor (the bad shots) as close to the ceiling as possible!

One of the simplest ways to increase the consistency of your shots is to minimize the excess moving parts in your golf swing.  The golf swing is basically the club head moving in an arc around a center.  The center is your head and upper spine.  The smaller the movement of the center of the arc during the swing, the better the chances you have of getting your club face back to the same place at impact.

Take a look at the video to get a better picture of centeredness promoting consistency!

[wpvideo GZHLvdfA]

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