Back 2 Back Blower Days in Aspen with!

Back 2 Back Blower Days in Aspen with AspenSpin!

Blower and Bluebird. Powder Days in Aspen. Bonnie’s never looked better.AspenSpin Ski Log {Mar 28-29, 2011}.

After about 750 ski days and over 10,000,000 verts AspenSpin has developed some credibility in the field of POW-ology.  We’ve hit every POWDER DAY in Aspen over the past 8 seasons, usually on Ajax.  Monday and Tuesday presented a formidable one-two punch in the annals of POW.  We’ll still stand by our call of BEST DAY EVER– 12/7/07. It will be difficult to surpass the legendary Winter of 07/08 followed closely by the almost as Epic season  of 08/09.  Some locals are still talking about 82/83 and 54/55 but the two BLOWER DAYs we just experienced have to go down in history for their epicness and their contrasting styles.  Ebony and Ivory, Hot and Cold, Love and Hate, Elizabeth Milias and Mick Ireland…..Monday was a BLIZZARD and Tuesday was a BLUEBIRD. 

BAM!! The storm hit when no one was expecting it. BAM!  It started puking on Sunday night & didn’t stop until sun up on Tuesday.  Almost 3 feet all told.  Click  POW POW Party for photos.

MONDAY:  Contrary to popular opinion Monday might have been the best day of the two.  Sunday we got a quick 4″-5″ on Aspen Mountain.  Monday morning  the ski report said another 5″, but those who know —-knew it was more than that.  It snowed at least 3″ between the report at 7am and the lift opening at 8.50 (shhh its secret).  It kept snowing all day adding another 4″ or 5″.  We’ll call it a foot —give or take, but it was consistent, fluffy and blowing snow all day.  Free Re-fills were claimed.   The best part–nobody was around.  Sure all the familiar faces were out on a Monday–but zero tourists.   It was very very sweet, taaaaasty, you might say.  Laps in Trainor’s,  soft head plants on the Shoulder, accidental air on Kristi’s….it was a very good day, and we rejoiced.

TUESDAY: Tuesday had a special look about it from the beginning.  Bright, blue, crisp, cold with another 5″-7″ overnight.  Call it almost 3 feet in 3 days….we’ll take it.  First Tracks?  I dunno 8.15am ready to schralp…thats pretty early.  WTF? TIA?  Got the dog walked and headed over, booted up, breathe-right strip affixed,  Chinese herbal balm on the knees. Boom. First Bucket. Boom.  Lets just say AspenSpin has a few friends in the ski school.  Literally the first bucket.  It was sooooooooooo sick.  Check the pix…we’ve never seen such untouched freshness on Ajax.  Aspen Mountain is small and it can get ripped up pretty fast, but we were the first ones to the top. For First Tracks we broke trail on the high traverse and took Ruthies to StrawPile to the Race Course following one of the best skiers in Aspen on a 3000 vertical untracked POW lap.  We made it to the bottom before the Gondy opened 4 biz and the Line was staggering.  The sun was out and it was warming up fast.  We wanted to hit the Chow again ASAP.  The line was about twenty minutes deep…bogus, just then we got the ski instructor’s nod.  “C’mon up”…shouted our Red Coated friend.  First in line again….BOOM…get a Red Onnnee.  Timing is everything.  It was so soft, and so good and so sunny and so beautiful. 

Livin’ the Dream , that’s how AspenSpin describes it and here is what it looks like: