Unique Local Holiday Gifts

Still wondering what to get? Well here are some unique items from the Roaring Fork Valley that Aspen Real Life’s Jillian W. Livingston thinks you should consider!

In the Soup:

Yalonda Long is In the Soup

Yalonda’s soup is as delicious as her ads. All you have to do is read it and you’ll get all hot and steamy for her brew:


Pame Designs:

Pame Designs is a luxury jewelry collection that was inspired by Pam Sweeney’s global travels and love of beach, surf and exotic finds from around the world. The collection, which consists of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, are created from the highest quality of leather, silver and gold and are adorned with Tahitian pearls, Marcasite and semi-precious stones that carry meaning and invite conversation.

Dedicated to keeping our oceans healthy and furthering her love of nature, a portion of all jewelry sales are donated to Surfrider.org or Waterkeeper Alliance to help protect and keep our river and oceans healthy.

Pam of Pame Designs

To shop visit www.pamedesigns.com



Paula Troobnick and I worked together in film production. Paula would arrive at 4:00am, sometimes earlier, and serve incredible breakfast to the crew in the freezing cold air under stars sparkling like sunlit icicles.

Now, you too can enjoy her food for Paula has bottled up her Aspen Cornucopia Basil Vinaigrette and Marinade for all to enjoy.

Paula is all about being fresh, pun intended, with her “Farm to Table” product. The Basil is picked on a Monday, shipped to Lakewood, CO on that Tuesday and produced and bottled on that Wednesday.

Located in over one hundred locations nation-wide (you go girl!) Paula’s Vinaigrette/Marinade is spreading like wild-fire. You can buy it locally at the following locations or email her for wholesale and retail orders at: [email protected].

Aspen: Butchers Block, Clarks’ Market, Aspen Specialty Foods, Peachs’, Roxys Market
Snowmass: Daly Bottle Shop, Village Market
Basalt: Mayberry, Midland Bakery, Basalt Wellness Center
El Jebel: Epicurious, Kitchen Collage, Willits Winter Market, Zheng
Carbondale: Fig & Lily, Community CO-OP
Glenwood Springs: Good Health, Jucy Lucys, Zheng, Vics Route 6

Mawa of The Kitchen Hotline Loves Paula’s Marinade


Gourmet Girl – on the Go:

Give a gift certificate for a hands on cooking class or Private Chef Services from Megan Rainnie of Gourmet Girl – on the Go. To buy certificates click here.



Founded in 2009, Pamela Hart’s Plant Trees 4 Life is dedicated to environmental protection by dramatically increasing the number of trees on the planet. The charity’s goal is to sequester carbon and reduce global warming by planting one million trees in the next 10 years. Working with nonprofits, Hart is motivated to give back to the community and touch lives along the way. Her concept of planting a tree for a gift, to mark an occasion or just to celebrate is changing the world one generation at a time. Trees are currently being planted in Colorado, Florida and California with more states joining the ranks soon.

Based in Aspen, Colorado, their vision is to plant trees to support the future of the planet for our children. Trees are planted to honor significant people and events. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees in 10 years. They are committed to offset the impact of deforestation from clear cutting, insect kill and fires. If you are searching for a special gift, Plant Trees 4 Life provides a unique and personal gift that will be remembered for generations to come.

Pamela Hart of Plant Trees 4 Life



Wouldn’t it feel nice to buy a gift that is already wrapped to perfection with that holiday cheer, a gift that supports our local communities, and a gift that represents Colorado? Well, stress no more because Megan VanZandt and Erin Erickson are creating delectable gift packages with items from Colorado artisans, producers and farmers.

Using all local Colorado made products, Bundles Colorado Artisan Gift Co. creates unique and bountiful gift bundles for all occasions. Bundles sources as many of their products as possible from the Roaring Fork Valley. Some of their partners include Avalanche goat cheese, Back Alley Coffee, Two Leaves and Bud tea, and Two Haute Cowgirls gourmet popcorn to name a few…and they are always looking for more!

By supporting Bundles you are then supporting a whole network of entrepreneurs in Colorado that Megan and Erin strive to continue to grow. So instead of giving another unmemorable gift for the holidays, this year you can give consciously to your loved ones by buying a bundle. Please give them a call today and ask about their holiday locals specials: 970.404.0800, bundlesgiftco.com or [email protected]. Gifts can be customized to fit specific needs.

Bundles Colorado Artisan Gift Co.





Commission a painting from local artist Tori Campisi. Tori gives her paintings a lot of history by pre-painting each piece with stenciling or patterns to fit the personality of each dog that she is portraying. Her works or commissions are truly paintings. They are not exact reproductions of dog photographs, but rather they are paintings that reveal a universal emotion that everyone, not just the owner, can tap into.

Contact Info: [email protected]

Tori Ann Mitas-Campisi



Shira’s Wish by Jay Magidson

Shira is misunderstood. Everyone treats her like an ordinary 10 year old girl. She wishes with all her heart to be taken away, to be someone special. Later that night, she is awakened by two real live lion cubs jumping on her bed. They take her to their family in the African Savanna, where Shira is transformed into a lion cub too. Excitement and danger abound everywhere – huge elephants, zebras, and even leopards who would like to make Shira their dinner!

Shira’s wish is a terrific story to read to young children, and when they get a little older, to read by themselves. 7 – 11 years old. Richly illustrated by award-winning wild animal photographer, Bobbie Goodrich. $12.95 available online at Amazon, and locally at The Ann Korologos Gallery in Basalt.


Glenwood Caverns Adventure:

What’s small enough to tuck into a stocking or Christmas card, but big enough to last all year long? An annual pass to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park! You have two choices: For just $25 per person, the Annual Tram Pass includes unlimited rides on the Iron Mountain Tramway for a whole year. The Annual Thrill Pass provides unlimited access to most of the park’s attractions for a full year for just $91 for adults and $87 for kids ages 3 – 12. Plus, both passes include a 10% discount at the Lookout Grille, the Snack Shack and General Store gift shop. You can’t go wrong with either option; but, if you can’t decide, you can also purchase gift certificates for any amount. Call the office at 970-945-4228 or 800-530-1635, ext. 111, or stop by the Tram Base during regular hours to find out more.



Got Outside. Go Within with Stefan Grafstein, March 3-7.

2012 has long been known to be a year of change. This powerful time provides us with the opportunity to release what is blocking us from peace, acceptance and empowerment within ourselves and in our life.

Yoga and meditation bring us to a state of physical and mental health as well as higher knowing. Spiritual Psychology helps us to elevate ourselves when life is challenging. These practices support a powerful shift in the way we relate to difficult situations so that we can expand our consciousness and experience happiness in each day .

By combining outdoor adventures with Yoga and Spiritual Psychology, Stefan and Sonnia have created an exciting and powerful method for facilitating self discovery and growth. The journey to experiencing more joy and fulfillment in your life can begin right now! Our events are appropriate for anyone, regardless of age, fitness, level or previous experience!

This Powerful Experience Will Feature:
• Daily yoga , meditation and spiritual psychology work
• Transform “problems” into opportunities for growth
• Eliminate ineffective patterns of thought and behaviour
• Learn how to find and stay in joy and the flow of life
• Inner growth in experiencing the flow of skiing and riding
• Make lifelong connections with fellow adventurers
• Post trip follow up sessions to support your learning

Register today to receive $100 off the 5 day aspen retreat price. Also the early bird special runs through Jan29th. Bring a friend and receive $100 off! at www.innertravels.com/aspen2012/ [email protected] • 877-825-1760 •

Stefan Grafstein of Inner Travels