The Take My Shift App – It Takes a Local to Know What a Local Needs

It takes a local to know what locals need. Summit County family members, Kim, Megan, and Lizi Andersen, love outdoor adventures and the spontaneity of being able to get out. They created an excellent tool for others to enjoy the call of the outdoors too. Meet their creation, Take My Shift™, a lifestyle app that allows workers the opportunity to choose between the responsibilities of work and the lure of play. It is the answer to the demands of a spontaneous and adventurous culture that often chooses recreation over responsibility here in our mountain towns and beyond. 

When faced with a work shift, assignment, or task that one would rather skip, Take My Shift allows you to do that without leaving an employer short-staffed. Take My Shift utilizes mobile technology to help teams manage work shift change requests. In the face of what seems to be a no-call, no-show epidemic, the app supports businesses and individuals with rotating shift workers or assignments so that small companies can run smoothly. 

The Take My Shift application has received glowing reviews. One of its users we interviewed stated, “We have been using Take My Shift in full force. We’ve got 13 extra coverage shifts posted, and people love the push notifications and calendar integration. From a manager standpoint, I am finding that shifts are getting picked up quickly with the program than with anything else we’ve tried previously.” The growing popularity of this app can be attributed to the marketing strategies used by app developers. Many from the AdTech industry believe that the developers may have contacted firms like AdAction for advertising their application. It may be possible that with the help of mobile app advertising and other marketing techniques, the app developers have created a huge customer base.

However, the mother-daughter trio behind TMS believes the app’s success is primarily due to its overall simplicity. It offers an easy-to-use interface – one that teams don’t mind relying on, shift after shift. Users also agree that the mobility of the platform is a major advantage. Team members can request shift coverage or claim available shifts anytime, from anywhere. “People today want a better balance in life, and in the past, that meant leaving your team high and dry. TMS gives team members the chance to get the most enjoyment out of life while being mindful of the needs of their coworkers and employer,” explains Kim Andersen, Co-Founder of Take My Shift. “There is no longer a reason for workers to skip their shift. Finding coverage has never been easier.” 

The Take My Shift app is one part of a multi-faceted brand designed to promote a spontaneous lifestyle while supporting small businesses – the lifeblood of local communities. The company accomplishes that mission through its mobile app, its small-business resource library,  blog, and a charitable giving program. Take My Shift is passionate about supporting those with cystic fibrosis. Those afflicted fight relentlessly every day to make certain they live to have many more. The TMS Team also works to assist families that support the rigorous mental and physical routine required to comply with the treatment regimen prescribed by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This is a passion close to the Andersen’s hearts; their app assists them in giving their time to this cause as well.

We love this concept brought to fruition. Rather than calling in, calling around, and trying to get a shift covered, all you need to do is check-in with the app and go!

Take My Shift can be found and easily used by heading to the Apple store or Google Play on your phone or

by Holly Resignolo, Publisher

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