Mountain Town Business Women Awards

The Northwest SBDC Recognizes Top 2015 Local Business Women with the Mountain Town Business Women  Awards


Five women were awarded from over 100 nominees submitted for Northwest Business Leaders. This list of prominent community leaders is a showcase of the amazing talent we have in our communities. The Northwest Small Business Development (Northwest SBDC) launched the Inaugural Mountain Town Business Awards to recognize prominent and upcoming women business leaders in Colorado’s mountain town communities. Five Award winners were honored in the following categories; Legacy Leader, Creative Innovation, Emerging Leader, Legacy Health & Wellness Leader and Emerging Health & Wellness Champion. Awardees were celebrated this week at private brunch at the Vail Chophouse.

SBDC Awards

2015 MTN Town Business Women’s Award Winners:

Legacy Business Women’s Award Winner:

Robin Waters, President and CEO Basalt Area Chamber of Commerce

Distinguished Legacy Honorees

Jamie Brown  

Lisa Adamo

Emerging Business Women’s Award Winner:

Andrea Stewart, Executive Director Carbondale Chamber of Commerce

Distinguished Emerging Leader Honorees

Kristy Lee Gogolen     

                         Abbie Leigh Arbie                          

Amy Kemp

Creative Business Women’s Award Winner:

Candy Elkind, CLE Development Consulting, LLC

Distinguished Creative Leader Honorees

Lindsey Joyce

Megan Ledin

Legacy Health & Wellness Leadership:

Dr. Christine Ebert-Santos, Ebert Family Clinic

Distinguished Health & Wellness Honoree

Kathleen Killion

 Emerging Health & Wellness Champion:

Amanda Wagner, The Aspen Clinic

Distinguished Health & Wellness Honoree

  • Denise Latousek


Northwest SBDC Director, Lindsey Stapay remarked that nominations for the five awards stretched over 8 counties in northwest Colorado and shows that our resort and  rural businesses owners are building a strong economy over snowy passes and long valley’s to create a healthy and thriving economy.


Highlights included, Shannon Foley of St. Anthony’s Summit Medical, Centura Health co-sponsor presented 2 awards in the category of Emerging & Legacy Leadership. Foley stated,“We find ourselves in a transformative era in healthcare; one that fosters an alternatively proactive approach to community health. In this new era of population medicine, the ultimate goal is to make a quantifiable difference in the health of our communities.”


As the region’s largest healthcare provider, Centura Health is committed to meeting the unique needs of the communities we serve and improving overall health by offering a full spectrum of care. Therefore, we commend those who follow a similar mission and appreciate your commitment as health and wellness leaders – your efforts have not gone un-noticed stated Foley.” After receiving an outstanding number of nominations within the health and wellness sector, the committee decided to categorize nominees by emerging and established, legacy leaders.

Christine Ebert Santos

Dr. Christine Elbert-Santos accepted the Legacy Health & Wellness award and mentioned that her multi-generational family and her awesome staff has helped built her success across 6 counties in northwest Colorado.



Betsy Markey, the new SBA Regional Administrator was on hand to congratulate winners and noted that “small business owners have made our nation’s economy strong”. While Fiona Arnold, Executive Director to the Office of Economic Development and International trade came to wrap up the program with thoughtful insights about the importance of celebrating business leadership.


Co Sponsor of the Awards, Holly Battista-Resignolo, owner of MTN Town Magazine & Media House states “I am stoked to see the response of nominees for the 1st year award.  I have encouraged everyone to nominate our local women business owners whom deserve the recognition. These are the kind of stories we want to share with our community.”


The criteria of each award was as follows:

Legacy Leader Award

  • Financial Success: Sustained profitable business growth
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Genuine commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices such as environmental policies, employee benefits, workforce diversity, and community schemes/relationships.
  • Role Model: Mentoring, succession planning, pushing boundaries, ability to motivate others, relationship building with colleagues/employees, especially for other women.

Creative Innovation Award

  • Creative entrepreneurs, emerging creatives, municipal and non-profit cultural workers, and creative district leaders
  • Innovation: Demonstrates ability to transform a creative vision or innovation into a tangible business or community model
  • Entrepreneurship: Optimised a gap in today’s market to bring an innovative offer and approach to business.

Emerging Leader Award

  • Young Leader that has recently established a new market place in our mountain town communities.
  • Entrepreneurship: Business that has optimised a gap in today’s market to bring an innovative offer and approach to business. The nominee must demonstrate a fearless approach.

Legacy Health & Wellness Leader

  • Wellness Industry Leader
  • Established practice and/or organization
  • Entrepreneurship: Founder of a business that has optimised a gap in today’s health and wellness industry.

Emerging Health & Wellness Champion

  • Wellness Industry Leader
  • Newly established practice and/or organization
  • Builds Community Awareness
  • Entrepreneurship: Founder of a business that has optimised a gap in today’s health and wellness industry.

In 2015, the “MTN Business Women Nomination Committee”  included:

  • DiAnn Butler
  • Rachel Lunney
  • Lili Star
  • Kathryn Growhusky
  • Jill Lammers
  • Maureen Steep
  • Shannon Foley
  • Rose Abello
  • Laura Johnson
  • Alexia McMillan

In 2016, the “Mountain Town Business Nomination Committee”  will include the newly awarded 2015 Awardees (5 people) and (2) nominating committee member from the previous year to assist with continuing the tradition of celebrating courageous business leaders across the mountain regions.  These (5) individuals will cast awards as long as there is great leadership for this celebration of hard working, honest, leaders among our mountain town communities of Colorado.

To become involved contact Lindsey Stapay: lindsey@northwestsbdc.org970-453-5700

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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