Hot Summer Fishing

After delayed warm weather the last couple of years, early summer weather has been a welcome event!

During the month of June, we saw the Salmon Fly Hatch come and go — a good month earlier than in normal years. The Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch was right on schedule and Caddis are still moving up river on the Arkansas and many other rivers in Colorado.  boutonniere

Not only are Caddis hatching in good numbers, but we are also seeing good Mayfly and Stonefly hatches. Everyone is also anticipating the Green Drake hatch on the Blue River and Roaring Fork. This is a must fish hatch, with Mayflies so big that they can barely get off the ground.

The summer guiding season looks like it will be a busy one with many people already escaping the heat from the country’s mid-section. We are anticipating July and August to be especially busy. If you are looking for a trip this summer, be sure you make a reservation and get on the books for the busy weeks to come.

Possible low water has been the talk this season. Monsoon action has brought water to the rivers now and hot fishing, but we are still all worried about the first couple weeks in August. This is when the temperatures are at their warmest and the rivers are at their lowest. If we don’t get many rainstorms this summer, this could mean voluntary fishing closures on some river sections to preserve our fisheries. If closures do happen, they will be for only a couple of weeks in early August. Still, this is a real possibility we should all keep in mind.

My recommendation is to try and get your fly-fishing trips Now! The fishing is HOT, so don’t delay and come in during the next few weeks! Or, come fish during late summer and fall (late August, September and October). The fishing is quite HOT in the fall due to the cool air and water temperatures. And, did I mention there is no one else up here at that time?

All of us at Blue River Anglers hope to see you this summer — early, late or even in the potential “Dog Days”! There will always be somewhere great to fish. Get your gear together and get out on the water. Check out our up to date fishing reports, come in pick up a few flies and get on the water or give a call for the hot patterns and fishing spots.

Zeke Hersh  Ezekiel Hersh – Blue River Anglers

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