Crafting Getaways in Rural Mountainscapes

D|B Dens owner Brooke Lestikow has crafted two remarkable cabins for cozy retreats into Colorado’s mountain town wilderness.

Following the arrival of Brooke Lestikow’s second child, the demands of full-time work and the challenges of managing two small children became overwhelming. Recognizing the need for a change in her family’s dynamics, Brooke seized an opportunity to channel her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. This marked the inception of D|B Dens, a venture that not only offered a source of income but also allowed her the freedom to attend to the evolving needs of her growing family.

Brooke and Doug Lestikow & Family

What emerged from her vision were boutique wilderness stays nestled in the mountains of Colorado. The two cabins she acquired became the canvas for D|B Dens, designed to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These cabins exude simplicity, with clean lines and tasteful decor that strikes the perfect balance, offering guests a homey atmosphere without distracting from the tranquil surroundings.

Having spent a decade in early education and autism, serving as the director of a school until February 2022, Brooke sought a change that would align with her family’s priorities. With her husband Doug running a construction business and the challenges of managing two small children amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic, the need for flexibility and a personal endeavor became paramount.

Thus, the Dens concept was born—a manifestation of Brooke’s skills and passion in a novel form, aimed at creating spaces where guests could unwind, breathe, and reconnect.

Brooke and Doug, both avid lovers of boutique stays during their travels, understand the importance of the “little things” and exceptional customer service in making getaways truly special. Their hope is that guests at D|B Dens will feel the dedication and heart poured into the venture. For Brooke and Doug, guests are a top priority, and they aspire for every visitor to leave the Dens with cherished memories that beckon them back for years to come.

In her pursuit to build and decorate these spaces Brooke worked with – Scott Lindblom with Sotheby’s International Realty, Unruh Developing LLC, Poly and Bark, Article, Polywood, West Elm, Arhaus along with smaller businesses and artisans like Dolan Geiman (art above record players), Western Grande (blankets), Etsy vendors, Saw and Steel (ECD light up sign) and multiple decorative pieces from Eagle Rock Ranch Mercantile in Fairplay. 

The first cabin, Woody Creek Den, invites guests to release the stresses of daily life, offering an experience curated by Brooke to leave you rejuvenated and inspired. Whether you choose to stay within the cozy confines until check-out or venture into the Rocky Mountains, Woody Creek Den promises an escape that transcends the ordinary.

On the other hand, Elk Creek Den, the second cabin, provides an opportunity to truly disconnect from the grid. Nestled in seclusion, this property creates an ambiance that makes you feel like you’re miles away from it all. Stocked with everything needed for relaxation, work, play, and rest, Elk Creek Den invites you to sip wine in the hot tub, dance to a record in the living room, or savor a heartwarming meal. It’s a haven designed to foster memories that linger, ensuring you’ll yearn to return to this perfect spot for rejuvenation and connection.

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