Broken Compass Brewery, Breckenridge

The only thing true about Broken Compass, a new brewery in Breckenridge, is that their beer is great and the owners are good friends. We’ll actually there are more truths to be told. New to Breckenridge is the Broken Compass Brewery, set in what seems to be an unconventional but very fitting location, the business park on Continental Drive near Airport Road.

Broken Compass Owners

Photo Courtesy of Broken Compass Brewery

Owners David Axelrod and Jason Ford were introduced to one another by Fords wife while she and David were attending business school. They quickly became big skiing and drinking buddies. The two partners had both been searching for a new direction in their lives after spending time in places as obscure as Africa and as close as Denver. For David Axelrod he has come full circle living and working in Germany, Breckenridge, Seattle and Africa but has returned to the place he loves most, Breckenridge. His passion is sustainable, community minded businesses and of course, beer. Jason Ford is a chemical engineer who had spent time working in places around the Pacific Northwest but was tired of the politics that went with his trade. The name of the brewing company is derived from the fact that they had both been in so many places that the compass must have broke. One of the things they could agree upon is that if you’re lost and you have a beer in your hand then you will be alright and there was the spark that allowed the newest brewery in Breckenridge to be born.

Broken Compass Logo

The building and brewing process began last year and on Memorial Day weekend 2014 they opened their doors to a passionate group of beer enthusiasts. As a chemical engineer Jason loves experimenting and producing great beers and there are a lot of different, delicious ones to choose from.  Their beer menu includes a Coconut Porter, Chocolate Coffee Stout, IPA, Belgian Wit, Helles and Chili-Pepper Pale Ale.  The Coconut Porter is chock full of tropical deliciousness and the Chili Pepper is a hit with its mouth warming after notes. All are crisp and very fresh.


The brewery offers 5-ounce tasters individually or as a flight of six, otherwise grab a pint of your favorite flavor. They have beer available to go in 32-ounce rounder’s or 64-ounce growlers. They have a variety of merchandise for sale to help support and get the word out ranging from Hats and T-shirts, stickers, Koozies and key chains. Looking for something to eat? Order in, bring something to throw on their outdoor grill or check out the food trucks that are stopping by.

This is a noteworthy business with a refreshing after-taste as they are already supporting the non-profits with their beers at special events and allowing ranchers to pick up spent grain to feed to their animals.

bcb party

You gotta head in! This place rocks and the beer is Deeelicious!

Check them out:

68 Continental Court, Unit B12


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