5Point Adventure Festival’s Lasting Impression

You will always remember the first time you attend the 5Point Adventure Festival in Carbondale, Colorado. Its an event that bring together a worldwide network of adventure lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and filmmakers, propelling the non-profits mission to ignite personal and communal adventure of all kinds through the experience of sharing meaningful stories.

While 5Point celebrated its 10th anniversary this past April, I experienced my first time at the festival. The event has grown increasingly popular over the last decade — so much so that most showings sell out. From Thursday night through Sunday, I was hooked. As seats filled and the lights went down, the towns community center transformed into a captivating venue. I was at the edge of my seat at times, riding alongside an epic adventure, then moving into moments when I became overcome with emotion. From the breathtaking opener Johanna,to when I felt almost alongside Ben Page on his unbelievable adventure of The Frozen Road.After the final film on opening night, I could feel that my heart had grown substantially more inspired in just those three hours.

The days that followed overlapped like a mosaic of vibrant colors. Personal adventures in the area flowed into catch-ups with friends and dialogs with newfound acquaintances, which led to panel discussions and after parties, all within the 60 short films that were showcased, and I felt illuminated. And what a joy to watch Vail friends on screen Friday night as they embarked on their riveting trip down the Grand Canyon in The Time Travelers.This is the festival where you sit next to the heroes, and while you realize and witness the mortal humanity that lives within all of us, we can uplift one another to live our lives more fully by sharing journeys and celebrating stories.

This was a milestone year that brought out nostalgia for many, and rounds and rounds of gratitude were express to co-founders Julie Kennedy and Yvon Chouinard. Because 5Point is the festival that keeps on flowing. A month later, the weekend and all the energy it captures is still resonating within me, and theres no doubt the experience will not stray this year, carrying me to each next adventure, and, soon enough, to next years 5Point.

Heres a list of the award-winners for 2017:

Peoples Choice and Best of Festival: Dodos Delight by Sender Films

Jurors Special Selection: Freezing by Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce

Creative Excellence: 120 Days by Travis Rummel

Most Inspiring: Youll Be My Arms, Ill Be Your Eyes by Danny Wang, Yara Khakbaz and Bethany Scully

Pure Joy: Valley of a Thousand Hills by Jess Colquhoun

Spirit of Adventure: The Frozen Road by Ben Page

Best Cinematography: Five Stone of Lead by Jonny Madderson

So as we each start to move toward our next adventure, 5Point stays with us, and so the magic perpetuates itself and expands from across continents and from one dreamer to another. Check out 5pointfilm.org for trailers and more.

By Kim Fuller

Kim Fuller is a freelance writer and editor based in Vail. Read more at kimfullerink.com


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