SYNC Performance launches $50,000 Grant Fund for Ski Athletes

We just got news that SYNC Performance ski apparel and race equipment company based in Vail, Colo, launched a new $50,000 grant program to help fill the funding gap for Alpine ski racing athletes representing the United States in their quest for the highest levels of competition. The SYNC Athlete Fund will make grants to offset training and competition costs for the most promising and deserving athletes in the sport.

“The SYNC Athlete Fund’s mission is to build a better future for the sport of ski racing by inspiring, empowering, and supporting the next generation of racers. With the help of the 501(c)(3) TA Foundation, we will provide direct funding to athletes, removing financial obstacles in their journey to the top of the sport.” said Kris Ochs, SYNC Performance CFO and former NCAA ski racer. “It’s about challenging the status quo and channeling resources to support a wider, stronger base of skiers, something we hope inspires others to do the same.”

SYNC’s support of clubs, athletes, independent race teams, and non-profit partners is taking a big step forward with the addition of direct athlete funding.  With the national team only funding a select few athletes who meet criteria, SYNC will support athletes as they train and compete outside fully funded programs and fight to earn World Cup spots as proven in past success stories of athletes like Brian McLaughlin, Robby Kelley, Wiley Maple, and Foreste Peterson.

“Life as an athlete is a constant balancing act of competing demands, juggling training schedules, travel, equipment, and education,” continued Ochs. “At SYNC, we strive to create a future where the strength of the sport allows promising talent to cross off ‘full time fundraising’ from those variables and refocus that effort on delivering their best performances.”

As parents of athletes, we know how expensive the sport can be and cuts out many talented kids from excelling. We are psyched to see a local company stepping up to the plate to help out!

The Application window for athlete funding for the 2019/2020 season now open; applications due August 31st, 2019 and grant awards announced on October 1st.

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