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Sam Bush for Free and Other Things I Love About VVF

Living in the Vail Valley, I have to pinch myself on a regular basis. On any given day, I wake up to a glorious sunrise over the mountains, perhaps take a snowshoe through pristine snow-covered trails, and have the privilege of working at the Vail Valley Foundation to put on high caliber events for our community. I try to not take it for granted very often; thus, a blog post to share my gratitude.

Last night we had Sam Bush at Bud Light Street Beat in Vail Village. The operations crew gets to Checkpoint Charlie in the morning to start preparing and dedicates their entire day/night to the set up and break down of this event, once a week. And then they are in the office at 8am the following morning. It is no easy feat and I am continually amazed each time I see the hard work they put into staging a stellar concert.

Last night, my friends, was a ridiculously awesome concert. Sam Bush, King of Newgrass, had an ease with the crowd that made him incredibly lovable. I laughed when Paul, coworker, told me that Bush said to feel it out and “let the encore happen organically.” It didn’t take long to bring him back out on stage. The audience went back almost to Sweet Basil and everyone was grooving out to his bluegrass/folk/jam band tunes.

Taking pictures and walking around, I realized what a unique organization the Vail Valley Foundation is, to have so many events and programs we create or are involved in, and be able to reach and touch so many different people across the Valley.

Well, that was Thursday. And today, we have our First Notes and Celebrate the Beat kids from Avon Elementary School of Rock opening for the giant Snowball Festival on Nottingham Lake. This weekend, we’ll have a free movie night for families and the Chinese Golden Acrobats swinging through the Vilar Center. Next week, Kelly Liken will teach kids how to cook using the produce they’ve grown in the Sowing Seeds program. The list is endless, and it never gets old.

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