Wildfire Wit 101

So your national forests are on fire, reminding you that the cost of living in paradise is high. Pyrocumulus clouds have silver linings, too, you tell yourself, and lemonade can be made from even the driest, most withered lemons. Choosing to find a fresh perspective is the first step to healing. What next? Here are our top 6 thoughts on embracing the redemptive side of wildfires.

  1. Sunsets, sunrises and all of the golden, soft light between give your photos that National Geographic effect. 
  2. The romantic aroma of campfire lingers, and you didn’t have to lift a finger…
  3. Think of all you’ll learn! Use this phenomena as a chance for wilderness education and discover your role in protecting it. Beyond environmental conservation, enhance your cultural horizons by visiting museums and art galleries. Paint, cook, brew, sew, plant and tackle those other hobbies that take a backseat to outdoor adventures. Maybe you’ll find a reversal to climate change!
  4. Landlubbers have no more excuses to not be good swimmers. Now’s your chance to get into water sports, like standup paddleboarding, kayaking, tubing and aquajogging, to name a few.
  5. Get involved. Plug into your community and find ways that you can support your neighbors. Eat at your local restaurants. Commit to not shopping online and pour your money into local stores. Have potlucks (maybe not barbecues) for evacuated friends. Volunteer your time, talents and money as much as your able. Your town needs YOU now more than ever!
  6. No matter how hot the fire gets, the coldness of beer never changes. Grab a chair, crack open a cold one and hang out with friends or head to your local brewery cause you know everyone will be there sharing their stories and a shoulder for support. Who knows? Maybe the conversation will spark (pun intended) more things to add to the list.

by Joy Martin

Born in Denver and raised in Mississippi, Joy Martin resides in Durango and calls the areas outdoor spaces her home.