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Hi! I am Victoria Greenwood and I am a Colorado mountain kid. I do many things up here like make snow tunnels or build a snowman. But mostly, I ski. Sometimes my brothers and I will make a track and go sledding. Be sure to wear a helmet. There are a lot of things I love doing. Stay tuned for more posts on my page!



I love to cross-country ski with the snow bright and sparkly. When the wind blows it’s almost as if the trees say hello as they sway side to side. I love to glide.  Here is a good link to find cross-country centers. You can also rent equipment and find a local trail. That is fun too!



I love Crepes A La Cart their food is so Delicious. Their crepes are like fire works, your taste buds dance like there is no tomorrow and music goes off in your head like a dance party . My very favorite is Smores. Its melted chocolate with marshmallows and ground up graham cracker in a dessert crepe… mmmmmm.  You can enjoy your crepe on a comfy chair in the frosty air. On main street,  Breckenridge.

`Hi im back me… just me Victoria and my friend Bowser. Today i went to breck skied all day my feet hurt and they were cold and so I used a speicial foot scrub i made myself (it gives releaf for cold feet). I made it at girls rock were its power to the girls, sorry boys. Realy enyone can use  it though. The most interesting ingredient is prepare your self ……….  cayenne pepper, dont be alarmed. It warms your feet when there cold. This is how you make it.


1/4 cup of suger

1/4 cup of oil ( any types ok)

1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

( optional) 6 drops of sent

Then just stir it up and use it. the cayenne dosn’t hurt. Do you still not beleive me! I’ll tell you a secret. You are actually allergic to it thats what makes it so hot. But if you put it on it will make you stronger in health wise.Try it!


doesnt every one love cookies! i love cookies saw this pic. and thought of you guys. going for a hike see ya.


 ok  i love chickens so someone emailed me that we should have a contest. I agreed, so send in your drawings  of chickens and who ever has the best drawing i`ll post there pic right here .


 Alright i found an awesome video and thought about you fans becuse you guys are awesome. These people below are talented if you ask me.It is called hand dancing. Click to watch, hope you enjoy!


 Pictures of dogs and cats together  Arent they so cute mabe cats and dogs relly can get along.

South Park ABA BMX – The highest competition BMX track on the planet!


The South Park Parks and Recreation District would like to announce the opening of “South Park ABA BMX – The highest competition BMX on the planet!” Located in Fairplay, at the South Park Recreation Center, opening for the 2011 race season. This track has been granted sanctioning by the number one sanctioning body in American BMX, The American Bicycle Association (ABA).

The track currently has 27 sanctioned events scheduled for the 2011 race season with our first race scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd, 2011. Races are scheduled thereafter on every Sunday and every other Wednesday. We have even been approved for a State qualifying race in our first year of operation. The track grand opening party will be held on Saturday, May 7th with demos, DJ, and food. No races are held on the grand opening day.

BMX over the last twenty five years has grown into a global sport allowing individuals to participate in any age group and any skill level. As ABA likes to say, “No one rides the bench.” BMX also provides an opportunity for families to spend time together and race together as a team! Mom and dad are a rider’s number one sponsor.

ABA BMX in Colorado has begun to be a dominant sport in the high country as well as along the entire front range. South Park BMX will be attracting riders from all over the state as well as out of state. Colorado currently boast 14 sanctioned tracks and South Park BMX will be the newest addition.

Having an ABA BMX track in Park County will bring riders and their families, giving our local economy a much needed boost. We look forward to seeing you all at the races.

~South Park Rec

Photos Courtesy of South Park BMX


Perspectives – A Skiing Documentary

Posted by Summit Sojourner on May 20, 2011 · 4 Comments (Edit)


For the past few months Cody Cirillo, a senior high school student, had the opportunity to develop a ski movie as a Senior Project for his highschool. It was an opportunity for him to present a different type of ski movie “I thought that ski movies today kind of were starting to bore me- there was no story line- they were only basic ski porns with music and clips of skiing. In this case, I decided to really create a kind of story that developed through my project, that being “Perspectives.” I followed a few skiers over the past 3 months and got to know them and got to shoot their skiing. It was amazing that all people who I thought to be so similar at first were completely different in their views of skiing. I really tried to capture this in my film.”

And capture he did. Along with Picante Productions the documentary was created in one of the best seasons known to mankind! Catch Perspectives tonight! The film will be showing for Free, 6pm at the Vail Mountain School auditorium 3000 Booth Falls Road, Vail CO

Here’s the Trailer!

[vimeo w=400&h=300]


Truth: Kids love pizza. Chewy dough, cheesy globs, tomato sauce and the occasional pepperoni to make pizza faces with (You know you did this as a child, too). Is it possible for kids to love…Spinach? Onions? Basil? At Edwards Elementary yesterday, the answer was a resounding “YES!”

I stopped by the Cook with a Chef After School Enrichment yesterday, part of the Sowing Seeds education program, to watch Kelly Liken of Restaurant Kelly Liken and Jenna Johansen of Dish teach classes about yeast and healthy pizza making. With plastic bins filled to the brim of fresh spinach, chopped onions, basic, sliced pepperoni and cheese, kids rolled out and assembled their own personal pizza to bring home and cook. While most of the toppings made it to the mouths instead of the pizzas themselves, the turnout was great. At the end of the session, Kelly asked “What was something new you tried today?” Hands flew up and one boy answered, “Onions!” while shoving a pungent handful into his mouth, followed by the laughter of his peers.

Local chefs will continue to work with students at various schools in the area as part of the Cook with a Chef After School Enrichment program through out the year. I can’t wait to see what they make next!

Another truth: Kids love pictures. See below.
-Melissa, Vail Valley Foundation